Platter Menu

Pre-orders essential        Otherwise, subject to availability

Mixed Savouries

Fried favourites, with fish bites, samosas, scallop bites, chicken nuggets, spring rolls, corn nuggets & calamari chips, with wedges & dipping sauces (60 savouries + wedges) - $59

Seafood Savouries

Fried seafood nibbles, with fish bites, crumbed mussels, scallop bites, seafood sticks & calamari chips, with wedges, tartare sauce & lemon (60 savouries + wedges) - $70

Club Sandwiches

Quartered club sandwiches filled with ham/smoked chicken and salad with a light aioli dressing (20 pieces) - $40

Lunch Mix

Selection of Mixed Savouries and Club Sandwiches with wedges & dipping sauces (38 pieces + wedges) - $39

Bakehouse - Mince Pies

Savoury mince pies, with dipping sauce (16 pieces) - $40

Bakehouse – Potato Tops Pies

Classic Potato Top Pies with various dipping sauces (16 pieces) - $40

Bakehouse – Sausage Rolls

Delicious Mini Sausage Rolls with various dipping sauces (50 pieces) - $40

Bakehouse – Combo

A combination platter of Mince Pies, Potato Top Pies and Sausage Rolls  with various dipping sauces (36 pieces) - $45

Super Party Mix

A selection of bakehouse favourites (20) plus fried savoury and seafood treats (56), with wedges and dipping sauces (76 pieces + wedges) - $65

Cheese, Fruit & Nuts

A variety of cheese, nuts and seasonal fresh fruits accompanied by crackers and mango chutney - $70

Brazilian Durello's

An assortment of Durello’s with fish, chicken, and garlic cheese served with our delicious Durello’s Sauce - $60

We also offer a full range of hors d'oeuvre, created and priced to order

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